Swedish Blood Tracking Champion

 Today we were in the woods for blood tracking with our boys and they received their third and final first prize and a new title SEVCH and they are now Swedish Blood Tracking Champion.
Tomas, Dexter & Argos

Kuura & Zoya visit us

Today we had a visit by Kuura, Zoya, Carina and Mikael at our home, Dexter & Argos were so happy to play with Kuura and Zoya. Thank you for a nice visit!
Kuura & Argos

Summer holliday’s on gotland

We had some wonderfull days in gotland, our special paradise.
Tomas, Dexter & Argos at Kovik

Dexter & Argos in Gnisvärd

Tomas, Argos & Dexter in Norderstrand

Argos & Dexter in Visby