Vacation on gotland

We had a lovely but dry vacation at our summer cottage in Visby, Gotland.
Dexter & Argos at our cottage

Dexter & Argos at Södra Hällarna, outside of Visby

Bara Desert Church

Dexter, Tomas & Argos by the Baltic Sea in Ljugarn

Dexter looking at the boat-shaped graves in Rannarve

Playdate at home

Today Dexter & Argos had a playdate with lovely Zoya & Kuura
Zoya & Dexter

Nice walk at Strömsholm Palace

Today we took a nice walk at the Royal Strömsholm Palace.
Argos, Tomas & Dexter at Strömholm's palace
Strömholm’s yellow baroque palace is built on a paved islet where the fast-flowing Kolbäck river meets Lake Mälaren. The 18th century Gustavian décor and a significant of Swedish paintings are among the many things worth seeing.