Dog Show in Gimo

Today we were at a dog show in Gimo outside of Uppsala and showed Dexter.
Judge was Pylvänäinen-Suorsa Marjatta.

Dexter got the 1st prize as the best males in the puppy 6-9 months class with HP, brother Loki came in  2nd place. Dexter then went ahead and competed against the best bitch and won the BOB – Best dog in the breed.

Total of entries for this Dog Show were 870 dogs in 105 different breeds (of which 41 was Rhodesian Ridgeback).
The day was long and Dexter got tired at the finals, when all the puppies of all breeds would compete for BIS,  but unfortunately no placement. Dexter was BOB with HP at this exhibition.

Ridgeback Speciality 2012 in Askersund

Today we went to a dog show for Rhodesian Ridgeback speciality  in Askersund.
The judge was Mats Jonsson.

Dexter came in 2nd place with HP in 4-6 months puppies class for males

Nice bro Loki came in 4th place with HP, in the same class.

Nice sister Souki came in 2nd place with HP in 4-6 months puppies class for bitches.

Dog Show in Kolsva

Today we went to a Dog Show in Kolsva outside of Köping in Västmanland with Dexter and sister Souki, judge was Chicki Runnquist.
Dexter was to playful today, but his sister Souki lined up really nice for the judge.

Dexter got HP (Honorary prize) and BOS (best opposite sex).
Souki got HP, BIG (Best In Group) and BIS (Best In Show).

Congratulations Souki