Trip to Germany

We started our long trip to Germany, our first stop was in Värnamo for a long walk at Prostlake.
Tomas, Dexter & Argos at the lake

2017-11-07 Half way to Wittenberg in Germany we stoped in Odense, Denmark for a night rest.Tomas, Dexter & Argos in the park

2017-11-07 We arrived in the evening to Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Germany. Dexter, Argos & Tomas in Wittenburg

2017-11-09 We were in Leipzig to meet some of Dexter’s and Nayeli’s beautiful children.
Dexter and Nora

In the evening we had a sightseeing and a lovely dinner with our new friends.
Argos, Tomas & Dexter

2017-11-10 On our way back home to Sweden we stoped in Schwerin for a nice long walk.
Dexter, Argos & Tomas

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