International Dog Show in Österbybruk

Today we were at the International Dog Show in Österbybruk, Sweden.
The judge was Gina Ekström Persson from Sweden.

The number of registered Rhodesian Ridgeback to the dog show was 78.
The number of registered dogs to the dog show was 2 903.
NORDUCH, EECH, SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter & Tomas

NORDUCH, (DKUCH, SEUCH, FIUCH) EECH, SE JV-12 Kadamo Rob Roy “Dexter”
– 4th place in Champion Class with Excellent and CQ

Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" & Tomas

Kadamo Nothing But Gold “Argos”
– 2nd place in Junior Class with Very Good

Loke, Dexter, Indra & Tilly

Kadamo breedersgroup with – Kadamo Johnny Walker “Loke”, Kadamo Rob Roy “Dexter”, Kadamo Lights My Fire “Soya” & Kadamo Thinking of Tilley “Tilly”
– 2nd place with HP

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